MemoryCleaner Screenshot MemoryCleaner is really powerful utility, which will simply increase your computer's performance.
  • Fully automatic memory clean-up
  • No more 'out of memory' errors
  • Neat and simple user interface
You do not need to worry about insufficient RAM anymore. MemoryCleaner will take care of this problem completely.
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Universal Searchlet

Universal Searchlet Screenshot Want to search on the web much more effectively? Then Universal Searchlet is the program just for YOU! Simple user interface, powerful features and fast and small program kernel.
  • Search on the web quickly from your desktop
  • Add unlimited number of another search engines
  • Customize the program as you will
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"MemoryCleaner is very good. I used it and it helped me so much."
- John D.
"MemoryCleaner has allowed me to install very High powered security scanners that run in the background. My PC is now much faster. I would trust my life with this software. Protect your pc today like you would protect the lives of your own family. Purchase MemoryCleaner."
- Dr. Hubert H.
"I find Universal Searchlet a refreshing, useful tool to deal with."
- John P.