firefox MemoryCleaner is a powerful utility, which will simply increase your computer's performance.

You do not need to worry about insufficient RAM anymore. MemoryCleaner will take care of this problem completely.
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"I am a clinical psychiatrist & acupuncturist. I have downloaded and tested every available Memory Cleaner and not one of them worked as claimed. Caused more problems then help with my platform. Memory Cleaner worked 100%."
- Dr. Hubert H.

Company News

10.10.2007 - MemoryCleaner v1.47
Minor MemoryCleaner update (fixed Win98 bug).
6.10.2007 - MemoryCleaner v1.41
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
29.9.2007 - New Website
New Creatonix website has been released - as you can see.
27.5.2007 - Universal Searchlet v1.22
Minor Universal Searchlet update.
24.1.2007 - Universal Searchlet v1.21
Minor Universal Searchlet update.
22.1.2007 - Universal Searchlet v1.18
Minor Universal Searchlet update.
22.1.2007 - MemoryCleaner v1.38
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
22.12.2006 - Universal Searchlet v1.16
Minor Universal Searchlet update.
19.12.2006 - MemoryCleaner v1.37
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
22.11.2006 - Universal Searchlet v1.14
Universal Searchlet 1.14 released, new options and features.
10.11.2006 - Universal Searchlet released
Universal Searchlet has been released! Download and check out this outstanding piece of pretty software!
12.8.2005 - MemoryCleaner v1.25
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
29.7.2006 - MemoryCleaner v1.21
MemoryCleaner 1.21 released, new options and features.
21.7.2006 - MemoryCleaner v1.03
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
30.6.2006 - MemoryCleaner v1.02
Minor MemoryCleaner update.
26.6.2006 - MemoryCleaner released
MemoryCleaner has been released! Download it now and check for yourself this piece of coding art!


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